FIFA U-17 WWC: This Cherub-Faced Peanut Saves the Day for Germany; Japan, as Expected, Gives New Zealand a Fair Dose of Hell

Hi! I'm Ricarda! I'm a peanut!
Prediction confirmed: Germany versus China was a great game, although my Venus came on and off the pitch far too quick, courtesy of a good limp that she picked up in short time in the game. That said, her departure made way for Ricarda Kiessling, who scored an equalizer in extra time, and thank heavens for that, since the Germans were robbed repeatedly by the referee, who missed two handballs in the box. Next up for Germany is Uruguay on Sunday, and I think it's safe to say that both Germany and China will move on to the quarters.

Now, on China: Happy to see their performance today. They were quick to the ball and showed a fair amount of creativity on the pitch. In fact, they gave the German side good, physical competition all around, and, in keeping with the mini-theme of the day, it was exciting to see one of the powerhouses of the past show such skill at the youth level. More good stuff to come from Asia. 

And speaking of Asia, I do believe I forgot to mention that the French girls took some steam out of North Korea's "bunches of punches" approach to goal scoring. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Let's see how the Americans can deal with the North Koreans in their game scheduled for Saturday.

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