When Mia Hamm Says, "I'm Excited," It's Hard to Believe Her, Isn't It?

Exhibit A:

Anyway! It looks like Nike Soccer has teamed up with Mia to present "The Chance" for girls, which, according to the YouTube page, is all about this: "Partnering with ECNL, US Club Soccer, and US Soccer, Nike will be inviting the top 100 female soccer players around the country to attend a 3-day National Final Camp at Nike's World Headquarters Campus in Beaverton, Oregon at the end of July.
" So, it's like a little reality show on the Internet. The worse part is that it was over two months ago, and Ali Krieger (thanks, Ali Krieger) alerted me to it only this morning via Twitter.

Exciting to see this focus (any focus, really) on the development of youth soccer in this country, especially for the gender where it's hard to make money at playing the sport you love after graduating from college.

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