FIFA U-17 WWC: Germany Forgets to Show Up, North Korea Moves on to the Finals

France's dream will not come true.

The possession game was in sick favor of the North Koreans, who unleashed time and time again on the German keeper, and how she made so many saves, I don't know. There were 10 players in front of her, but you'd never know it.

The North Koreans played a game similar to many Asian sides: extremely well-controlled, with short passes executed quickly and without a hitch. The Germans were bigger and labored to keep pace, which was totally reminiscent of the Women's World Cup in Germany last year, when Japan shocked the hell out of everyone and beat the favorited German side, who could do nothing post-match other than put their hands on their hips and stand mouths agape, wondering exactly how the fuck that all happened. And so history repeats itself. You can catch the "ehh" highlights here.

That said! It's France v. North Korea in the finals. Who are you liking? I like French accents, but the North Koreans are looking super fierce. I refuse to pick a side, since I was depantsed choosing the Germans to completely overwhelm the Americans in the U-20 Women's World Cup final.

No, okay. 2-1, North Korea.

Catch the final and third-places match this Saturday, 13 October, on ESPN3.

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