FIFA U-17 WWC: Les Bleus! Les Bleus! France Puts Away Short-Sided Ghana, Secretly Wishes to Demolish Germany in the Finals

Je t'apprécie vraiment or Je t'aime? It doesn't matter, really.
The French side moves forward into the Women's World Cup finals, courtesy of two goals by Kadidiatou Diani and a short-sided Ghana squad, with power forward Jane Ayieyam sent off early in the second half, racking up two yellows in quick succession. Ghana proved to be a good, physical side, and major props to the young African team, which will clearly be a force in years to come.

Now, the French girls. The second semi-final will be played shortly, featuring two powerhouses in Germany and North Korea. An all-European final would be interesting, especially considering the history of the two teams, with Germany (seemingly) always finding a way to break French hearts. And nothing's more interesting than a final that has a lot at stake, since emotions will typically run high, and when that shit happens, you usually get to see a nice, hard game on the pitch. And if you're a fan of watching female bodies slam into each other with conviction, well...we can dream for this specific scenario. That said, there's no way in hell North Korea will make it easy for Germany. 

And speaking of that, catch the second semifinal this morning (EST) on ESPN3.

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