FIFA U-17 WWC: Ready for the Quarterfinals?

Aw, poor kids. Back we go to calling French Fries "Freedom" Fries.
Well, Team U.S.A., despite the approved length of their shorts, are likely already back in class at their respective high schools and colleges (friggin' overachievers), with a tie against North Korea this past Saturday not quite enough to move on in the tournament. Frankly, I was impressed they didn't fall hard to what appears to be an amazingly strong Asian side. But, when it comes down to goal differentials, packing your shit up to head back home must hurt worse than anything. In fact, Bubba thinks so. She used these words exactly.

But, we carry on with some great quarterfinal matches. Namely! Nigeria v. France, Germany v. Brazil, Ghana v. Japan, and North Korea v. Canada. Okay, yes, I just named them all. I was going to pick only two, but we're dealing with kids here, and kids respond well to encouragement and all that. I anticipate fantastic displays of football prowess at each and every quarterfinal match. And I really do, but I'm looking your way, especially, Nigeria, France, North Korea, and Germany.

Enjoying the matches, are you? Good. Keep watching them courtesy of ESPN3. Remember: kids, encouragement, "wave of the future," blah, blah, blah.

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