Prepare for "Footie With the Stars" as Germany Brings Its A Team to the U.S. for Friendly Matches

Predicting "friendly" to last about 5 minutes into the first game.

Yes! Here's the pool of players Neid assembled, with some kids from the U-20 squad added to the mix just for good measure (or, more accurately, to fill a few gaps):

Nadine Angerer, Amulth Schult, Laura Benkarth

Bianca Schmidt, Saskia Bartusiak, Babett Peter, Annika Krahn, Leonie Maier, Verena Faist, Luisa Wensing

Simone Laudehr, Melanie Behringer, Kim Kulig, Linda Bresonik, Viola Odebrecht, Lena Goessling, Svenja Huth

Alexandra Popp, Anja Mittag, Dzsenifer Marozan, Martina Muller, Celia Okoyino da Mbabi, Lena Lotzen

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