If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again; and It's Official! Say Hello to the New Face of Women's Football

I think this may be the third attempt now, but holy shit! Meet the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL)!

NWSL Announces Allocation of 55 National Team Players to Eight Clubs

The allocation is dope, especially for Portland, Seattle and Boston (thank you very much). The introduction of non-North Americans is eagerly awaited by me. Also eagerly awaited: a business plan that doesn't stink up the joint with bubblegum-flavored chapstick and One Direction t-shirts. It'll be nice to have a league that targets adults, not just adults with kids. This business plan, of course, has yet to show up on time.

Now, for old time's sake, here's a recent pic of Alex Morgan, who was apparently "photobombed" at FIFA's Player of the Year award ceremony.  Seriously. Can't we all see why? She did not win this year, to everyone's surprise, but she will be winning very shortly, don't you think? Especially, let's say, with publicity like this.

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