NWSL: Already Feeling Some Major Icks

1. Ponytail and fairly exceptional tits on display in new logo, despite the fact we know sports bras bind those babies into pancakes.
2. College draft this Friday in Indianapolis. No real ickiness here, although Indy is...you know...just Indy. (Sorry, Indy.)
3. Sunil Gulati's pretty bogus comments on The Internationals: "It would be great to have many of the top world players, and I’m sure we will get some of them, but I don’t think you’re going to see the same number initially that was the case in the past. Partly because we've already got a number of international players from Canada and Mexico and partly because of economics. We already have a lot of international players and we think it’s a very good starting point." I miss the WUSA.

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