For Still-Angry Canada, Let’s See Wilkinson Check Leroux into a Goal Post

Because we all know the story: Leroux was born in Canada and, therefore, could totally play for Canada, but chooses not to because, hey, if you had the choice, wouldn’t you play for the U.S., with their flashy Nike uniforms?

Two other good reasons for a good, full-bodied check: (1) Leroux scored the only goal in the teams’ last “friendly” match, and how much did that smart for Canada? Probably not as much as Leroux wanted it to, what with her post-goal celebration, which, thank you very much, would have made the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo very proud. (Underlying message of the Ronaldo-like celebration: “Look at me, I rule, everyone already knows this.”) (2) Alex Morgan, the Canadian’s more likely target, is still out on injury.

But there’s good news for the Canadian women: This coming Thursday, they play on their turf in front of a quickly forming THROBBING MOB of Team Canada fans, with 25,000 tickets sold at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg. And, apparently, Canadians, in general, are still really pissed about the London Olympics, when their girls lost in what can only be called a total goat fuck of a game, with what can only be described as really questionable refereeing, with at least one totally amateur call—unless, of course, you’re diehard red, white, and blue.

So, for the second time ever, and with the talent gap narrowing between the two countries, I’m really stoked to watch these teams collide, and, this time, not for medals, but for pride. As much as the Canadians would love to roll in the luxury of a first-half blowout, the U.S. has a legacy to defend, especially after what most consider an outrageously embarrassing eighth place finish at the means-nothing Algarve Cup. Is U.S. women’s soccer on the downswing?

No. But you can’t dispute that the Canadians are on the up, and nothing feels better than sending your biggest rivals home with their heads hung low. Let’s see what they can do.

Catch the U.S. vs. Canada this Thursday, May 8, on espn3.com.

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