NWSL on the Tube, for Real—Plus, All Eyes Still on Alex Morgan

Hey, hey! The National Women's Soccer League announces what feels and sounds like really good news, and let's hope it is: ESPN has agreed to air nine of the league's games this year, with ESPN2 and ESPN3 marked as the venues. You can get all press-releasey here.

This is super awesome because, really, let's reminisce: Remember when the WUSA aired games on Christian channel PAX? Is PAX still on the air? A quick Google search kinda says no. Poor Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—they tried everything, even broadcasted women's soccer matches feature Mia Hamm, and still no one watched.

(With all due respect to God and family, PAX likely crashed and burned not because of the aired WUSA matches, but because of everything else it aired.)

In other definitely queer news:

The men's and women's U.S. national soccer teams have their own official kenesiology tape, KT Tape, and because this is an official deal, everyone on the pitch with one of these two teams will not forget from which country they hail. Kind of funny, kind of ridiculous image with story here.

Apparently, success of the Portland Thorns and the U.S. women's national footy squad depends solely on the health and presence of Alex Morgan. You know, I wouldn't otherwise refute this claim, but Jesus Christ (note PAX TV influence still), way to (1) bum out every other forward on these respective squads, (2) put a whole lot of pressure on someone who is still really effing young and likely still developing her game, and (3) thus building mental strength to either deny or acknowledge her God-like (ha!) football status proclaimed by every media outlet that has space somewhere on their websites to publish shit like this. Seriously. Let the kid heal. 

Apparently No. 2, Morgan was on the Thorns' 18-player roster this weekend and Twitter nearly blew up over it:

Welcome back, Alex.