Wolfsburg Beats Tyresö, Thailand Women's National Team Rockin' a Half Mil

First and foremost, Wolfsburg (GER) beat Tyresö (SWE) yesterday in the women's Champions League final in Lisbon yesterday, which is great news for me, mainly because I love it any time that Marta loses because she still, to this very day, can't hide her disappointment and frustration (more). You'd think by now she'd learn. Plus, I kind of have a thing for Nadine Kessler, Wolfsburg's team captain and the German national team's midfielder, because she looks like she'd spit in my mouth before punching me in the jaw. What can I say? I like my girls dirty and dangerous.

Anyway, Wolfsburg were down by two goals by the end of the first half, but then they came back for the second and apparently kicked an appropriate amount of ass. Good for them. I like my winners German.

Nadine and team doing celebratory selfies in the locker room
In completely unrelated news, players from the Thai women's national team will receive nearly $500,000 in bonuses from their football federation, a result, we can assume, for making history by qualifying for next year's Women's World Cup. I hope they buy Ferraris or something. Something really, really good.

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