Women's Football in South America: Seriously, Give These Girls Some Freakin' Money

Behold! The Female Messi!
Women's football fans, how many times have we heard this story: there are hundreds (or is it thousands?) of Martas all over Brazil, which means that there are assloads of young, undiscovered talent that the Brazilian football federation is not recognizing, mainly because the Brazilian football federation isn't entirely convinced that their women's teams are worth spending cash on. I think this may be because women, despite our (albeit small) advances in South American cultures, are still expected to stay home and do laundry.

Anyway, in the wake of the upcoming men's World Cup in the land of samba, Alexandra Ulmer has a pretty awesome article (re: reminder) about the beautiful game—girl style, and thus oft-ignored—in South America.

Did research on the "female Messi," 20-year-old Argentine Estefania Banini. I say, for her age? Thumbs up. How 'bout you?

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