Women's Footy Tuesday Morning Roundup

It's funny how it feels like there isn't much to talk about today, but oh, really, there is:

Karate and Sushi and Freakin' Awesome Women's Football
Japan won the Asian Cup, beating holder Australia 1-0. That link there will tell you two cool things: it's the first time Japan has won the Asian Cup, and its the first time the same country has stood as champions of both the Asian Cup and the World Cup at the same time. Total Japanese domination,  and one that's pretty much deserved, considering how tight they are on the ball and how hard that team works. Kudos to Australia, though. I thought the Japanese would make quick and easy work of them, but holding the World Cup champs to one goal only seems like a good day spent me.

Taking third was China, who edged South Korea 2-1.

Hey! Look familiar? 

Malawian Female Footballer Tabitha Chawinga Packing Many Wool Socks for Transfer to Sweden
Although I'd imagine this climate adjustment will suck, playing in Sweden won't, even if it's for Korkom/Dvarsatt IF, a Division 1 team, which sounds like the big leagues in Swedish women's football, but isn't. Chawinga, who's a forward and transferring from DD Sunshine, is the first-ever female eMalawian export to Europe, so she'll always have that to brag about. Also, her coach, as you'll read in the link right here, is stoked to have her. Wishing Tabitha and Korkom/Dvarsatt tons and tons of luck and many goals scored.

Tyresö Doesn't Pay Salaries, Looks Kinda Lame—All Players Can Leave If They Want
Non-Swedish speakers will have to translate this one, but that's essentially what it says. And what a shame it is, considering Tyresö made it all the way to the Champions League finals, where, okay, they crashed and burned a bit, courtesy of a Wolfsburg side that never said die. Tyresö is (was?) stacked with talent, with Christen Press, who's a new U.S. super-stud-to-be, Caroline Seger, who's as crafty as she is kinda dirty in the midfield, Veronica Boquete, who everyone wants on their team, and then Marta, who we all know about. I think Tyresö will have to sit out next season, per league mandate, but it'll be interesting to see if the side can regroup after this. I really hope they do, mainly because I'm a fan of women in yellow and red.

No words of goodbye or thanks from Seger yet, which I kind of love her for.