WWC 2015: In the Land of Fruity Drink Umbrellas, Sunburns, and Homophobia, Qualification Begins

Women's World Cup qualifying matches have begun this weekend in Jamaica at the Caribbean Football Union's Women's Caribbean Cup. Teams are playing for a spot at the CONCACAF Women's Championship, where, of course, if you're a team from the Caribbean or, sadly, anywhere outside North America, it really is a fucking challenge to be one of the 3.5 (or is it 4?) squads to move on to the World Cup, considering the stiff and financially well-supported sides waiting for you there.

From what I could parse from the kinda muddy reports at concacaf.com (WTF?), we've got the following early winners: Antigua and Barbuda, Martinique (with a pretty convincing 3-1 defeat over Barbados), St. Kitts and Nevis (who totally shamed Cayman Islands with a 5-0 spanking and shitting all over their Director of National Teams' high optimism for his side, which hadn't played an international match in seven years), and Bermuda (who also dominated Turks & Caicos Islands, winning 5-0). I'm sure there are some other winners from this weekend, too, but the  layout on the results page seriously makes me want to scream. More qualifying matches coming this week!

Also, since I'm guessing the small handful of views of this blog probably don't care so much about Caribbean women's football as they do Alex Morgan's sexy golf dance or Linda Bresonik's anything, I offer this photo of Abby Wambach and Sydney Leroux post match, loving each other up, U.S. forward style:

Hopefully Sydney is not being led by Wambach to a man waiting for someone to date.

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